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Words Have Power – P.S.Y

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“Would you rather Work Hard at building the life you want or Live Hard surviving the life you have?” 
- P.S.Y


Original Thoughts – Klotch

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It's hard to write thoughtful verse,

when nothings on your mind.




Original Thoughts – Mr. Lonely

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Mr. Lonely


He sat upon the cushioned seat.

His brain upon the world he beat.

His profile unmoving, almost stonily,

Solitude drenching, Mr. Lonely.


His eyes did carry bags of travel.

Worlds before him have unraveled.

Minutes, days, months, and years,

He could not weep his wanton tears.


Staring into a smoldering peace,

Happiness now a broken lease.

Across the coals, himself he's raked.

The claim upon his heart un-staked.


Alone he sat to contemplate.

Alone in a catatonic state.

Widowed in a position stonily,

Vivacity thirsting, Mr. Lonely.




Original Thoughts – Needless

P.S.Y, Poems


It ended on a misty eve,
as i wiped my forehead on my sleeve,
my self-worth i do perceive,
to be nothing is what i believe.
As i sit, my head a mess,
the action that awaits you'll never guess.
For the world be bettered with one less,
for oh my god my heads a mess.
The people i did care and love,
for over life's cliff they did shove,
a wingless being, not a flying dove,
i was grounded without love.
For now i lie, my heart barely beating,
The blood-soaked ground beneath me fleeting,
For in a moment worms be eating,
The buzzards above, they shall be meeting.
To watch a worthless life go by,
As i sigh my worthless final sigh,
to this world i say goodbye.
And with regret,
i do die.