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What am I doing Now?  That’s the question I get most often. Let me catch you up, Now.... 



Currently living in Oklahoma City with my wife Amber and our 4 dogs, Willy, Nelson, Apollo, and Jacks.
We have no plans to relocate currently, however, there has been interest and discussion about relocation sometime in the future….within the US or potentially abroad. 
My days are currently focused on 2 main ventures, financial coaching and working with the sales staff of a local roofing company. I do have other active interests that I am pursuing/implementing, however, at this current moment in time, there is no real information to share about those interests. As those interests become reality I will share more in the Blog. 
Reading: What I am currently reading.
Non Fiction:
  • Around the World in 80 Trains:
  • Setting the Table
  • Next Up: Zorba the Great
Watching: What I am currently watching:
  • Masterclass 
  • Chefs Table - Netflix - I watch this repeatedly watch. I'm intrigued by the stories of perseverance, creativity, and innovation. 
Learning / Exploring:
  • Minimalism - Principles and application of principles.
  • Language  - Spanish / Italian
  • Psychedelics - Understanding current research taking place using psychedelics in the treatment of PTSD, Addictions, Anorexia, Depression, and more.
  • Brunch & Dinner - Cheat Day Saturday
  • Exploring / Booking travel to NEW places
  • Learning New things & reacquainting myself with old interests



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 Updated September 11th, 2022