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What am I doing Now?  That’s the question I get most often. Let me catch you up, Now....


Living: I am living in Oklahoma City, still, with my amazing wife Amber and our 4 dogs, Willy, Nelson, Apollo and Jax. We currently have no plans to leave Oklahoma City, however, relocating in or around Oklahoma City is definitely in consideration.


Doing: I am continuing to grow my financial coaching practice, while also being involved in sales with a local roofing office, Maupin Roofing. I enjoy both opportunities, and the people I am able to meet and serve through these connections. 


Learning: I have become a voracious reader over the years and enjoy learning new things and taking the opportunity to apply the things I am learning. Recently I completed a 5 day Online event with Tony Robbins. Incredible 5 days packed with incredible amounts of information. I am reviewing, rewatching and distilling the information into actionable points to apply to my life. Along with this I took some time, starting in mid December, to do a yearly review for 2020. I wanted to get laser focused on the things that would get me the fastest results with the least effort, relating to my 2021 goals (More about to come in the Blog). 


Learning Interests include:

  • New Languages (Greek, Italian and Spanish) 
  • Mindfulness practices and implementing these practices into my daily routine 
  • Food & Cooking (Italian, Greek and Seafood)...with a specific future purpose.... 
  • Dog Training (Crate training, Safety & Vanity commands) to strengthen connection and relationship with our dogs. 

Along with many many other things (details to come in Blog). 


Enjoying: Saturday Cheat Day: Most specifically the different restaurants, food and experiences we have found throughout Oklahoma City, or other cities we have traveled to. In June of 2020, my wife and I committed to the Slow Card diet. It’s no longer a diet, but has become a lifestyle. We allow ourselves a “Cheat Day” every week, ours is Saturday. I am enjoying this day in an incredible way, not because I eat like crazy, but because it has become “Our Day” to spend together and enjoy a different place for brunch and dinner. An incredible day to share time with my wife enjoying a great meal, with a great drink and sharing great experiences and conversations. 


Projects: Currently researching and working on a few projects, none are at a point of any notable conversation, none the less, they are in the works. 

  • Expanding business into NEW states and NEW markets. 
  • WordPress project, February 2021 release goal (more to come later). 
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • E commerce - Working on E-commerce projects via WordPress & Shopify with anticipated launch / relaunch dates in 1st quarter or EARLY 2nd quarter 2021. Something I am Super excited about. 
  • Self Publishing a small collection of writings from many years ago, completely self serving.... just because I want to! 
  • Outsourcing the Unnecessary for more time to do the desired. 

and several others.    


Follow these projects and more on the Blog.    


 Updated January 29, 2021