Original Thoughts – Needless


It ended on a misty eve,
as i wiped my forehead on my sleeve,
my self-worth i do perceive,
to be nothing is what i believe.
As i sit, my head a mess,
the action that awaits you'll never guess.
For the world be bettered with one less,
for oh my god my heads a mess.
The people i did care and love,
for over life's cliff they did shove,
a wingless being, not a flying dove,
i was grounded without love.
For now i lie, my heart barely beating,
The blood-soaked ground beneath me fleeting,
For in a moment worms be eating,
The buzzards above, they shall be meeting.
To watch a worthless life go by,
As i sigh my worthless final sigh,
to this world i say goodbye.
And with regret,
i do die.